FF Relationship File Upload

As part of your Family Finder results, FTDNA provides a downloadable file that contains the names and results for all your matches. By loading that information into the database, you can get a list of people who have the same matches as you. This provides the basic information you need to 'triangulate' on a common ancestor.

1. Log in to your FTDNA account.
2. Under the 'Family Finder' tab, click on 'matches'.
3. Make sure the 'Relations' filter is set to 'Show All Matches'.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select 'Download Matches: CSV'.
5. A box should open that gives the option to save or open the file. Select 'Save'.
6. If your computer opens the file without giving the option to save, you will need to change the default settings in your computer before downloading the file. Opening the file can corrupt the file and make it unusable by GEDmatch.
(Mac users read THIS.
7. Make sure you make note of the folder and file name where the file is saved.
If in doubt, you can change the destination folder. Your desktop or 'Downloads' folder is a good place to put it.
8. The file name will probably consist of your kit number, '_Family_Finder_Matches_', the date as YYYYMMDD, followed by '.csv'
9. Make sure 'Save File' is selected, then click on 'Save'.
(Mac users read THIS.
10. On the form below, fill in the information, and click on 'Browse' to find the file you just saved.
11. Click on the 'Upload' button.

After you have uploaded your 'match' file, you will be able to get a list of matches with all other results that people have uploaded, along with email addresses for the people who submitted those files.

This will provide you with key information to help you 'triangulate' on your common ancestor.

Note that, unlike some other utilities on this site, results for this utility are shown with your kit number, email address, and your name (as listed on the FTDNA site). By submitting your data, you indicate your agreement with these conditions. However, you may use an alias to change your name in the pages generated by this utility. (see below).

Email Address of Contact Person:  

Name of Donor:
Spelling should EXACTLY match spelling used on FTDNA
site including capitalization, initials, periods, etc.
The program will not work correctly if this is not
the same as the name used by FTDNA.

Alias (optional):
If you don't want your full legal name displayed as it is listed by FTDNA, you may substitute an alias. Otherwise, leave this blank. If you enter an alias here, it will be shown on the Triangulation Report pages instead of the name you entered above. The alias should be similar to your legal name, and should be long enough so that there aren't conflicts with other users of this site. You should choose an alias that your matches will recognize as being the same as your full name, if somebody is contacted about you. Site administrators reserve the right to remove any alias that is not representative of the original name.

Sex of Donor     Male

FTDNA kit number of DNA donor:  

Tested on which platform?     Affymetrix
  Illumina (Chip02)

Click on "Browse" to find the relationship file on your computer.   Click "Upload" to upload your relationship file to