We suggest that you submit your entire GEDCOM. This will maximize the chances of finding name matches. Click HERE for an explanation of why GEDCOMs containing only direct ancestors may not be adequate. You must only submit GEDCOM files. You will probably need to "export" this file from your genealogy program. DO NOT send files in ZIP (compressed) or in the native format (e.g. ".FTW") of your genealogy program. GEDCOM files will have a ".GED" appended to the end of the file name.

Files larger than 10 Megs may not load correctly. Because of performance limitations on the site database server, GEDCOMS larger than 24,000 individuals are no longer accepted. GEDCOMs larger than 10,000 individuals will be flagged as 'private'. This means you can still make comparisons with all 'public' GEDCOMs in our database, but your GEDCOM will not be included when other users make comparisons. If you do not want this limitation, please make sure the size of your GEDCOM has fewer than 10,000 individuals.

If you need additional help, take a look at our GEDCOM help page


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Can we include your GEDCOM in 'name' searches made by
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(This capability does not exist yet, but is planned for the near future.)
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Notes often contain personal information.
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Large GEDCOMs may take several minutes to upload and process. If the upload seems to die, and you get no response for an extended time (30 minutes or more), the server has probably timed out because your GEDCOM is too large. Try reducing the size of your GEDCOM and upload again. If that doesn't help, send an email to the site administrator.