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GEDmatch provides more applications for comparing your DNA test results with the most people worldwide.

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Take a DNA test and download the results as a DNA data file.

Upload the DNA data file to GEDmatch for processing.


Explore matching and comparison reports and other DNA tools.

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Genealogy Research Reimagined and Expanded

Find Matches

Our One-to-Many DNA Comparison Result compares your DNA to everyone on the site, finding matches across testing companies.

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Narrow DNA Matches

Use our One-to-One Autosomal DNA Comparison tool tool help narrow all comparison results and confirm how much DNA you share with someone before contacting them.

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Explore Your Family Tree

Use our Admixture tool, a well-known analysis for identifying biogeographical ancestry, or ethnic background. Like 23and Me, it shows the proportion of your DNA from a particular location.

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Achieve Research Goals

From amateurs to professionals, genealogists, historians, researchers, and adoptees have leveraged the large pool of data on the site to build family trees, find birth families, and learn more about their DNA and by extension, their history.

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