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See How GEDmatch Works

GEDmatch is the place to explore your family history by matching DNA data you can get from a genetic DNA testing kit company like 23andMe or AncestryDNA, and then uncovering techniques used in genetic genealogy to track down relatives and learn about your ancestry.

Uncover Untold Stories

Discover new family connections and find distant relatives! You can connect with others who are related to you or interested in discovering their family history on GEDmatch and share DNA results.

  • Unleash your inner detective with GEDmatch
  • Connect with other people who are related to you or interested in finding out about their family history
  • Join the largest 3rd party genetic database in the world and unlock mysteries about your past
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Find The Missing Pieces of Your Identity

Find cousins, children or biological parents who were previously unknown to you or could not be located. If you’re related to someone else on GEDmatch, you may be able to learn about a trait they may have that no one else in your family shares!

  • GEDmatch – everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your ancestry
  • Unlock your roots and find biological parents
  • Learn about things you share with someone else in your family

Explore Your Heritage

Discover how people worldwide are related to each other so you can feel closer to family members on either side of the globe.

  • GEDmatch gives you access to the largest 3rd party DNA database in the world
  • Discover how far back in history you can trace your lineage
  • With GEDmatch, you can find answers to many questions about your family history
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