With Almost No Information I Found My Husband’s Father

I started using GEDmatch in 2020 because I wanted to help my husband find his father.

I got the results right away. I didn’t have to wait weeks to get results. And I was able to email the relative directly!

The results were incredible –  I found my husband’s father! He lived less than 20 miles away from us my husband’s entire life. The only thing that we knew about this man was his name was Randy, and that he had other children. My mother-in-law didn’t know the man’s last name, nor would she help us in the search for this man so we had very little to go on. We purchased 2 of the popular DNA kits that give you your ancestry reports and link you with other relatives that have taken the test. 

After we got one of the test results back, we were disappointed with the matches, so we never submitted the 2nd DNA test. Then I saw a news story about a free DNA matching site that helped catch a criminal. This got me interested again, so we submitted the 2nd DNA test, only to find out it takes 12 weeks to get results back. I decided I would try to find the website I heard about in the news story. GEDmatch.com was the first website that showed up on my search engine. 

We Found Relatives in Less Than 2 Days 

Once I uploaded the DNA profile, in less than 2 days we had several names that showed up as a cousin that we had never heard before, which could only mean those names are related to his father! I emailed the 2 closest family members, and we immediately got a reply back! A week later, we were meeting my husband’s biological father! We did do another DNA test to verify that 99.9% –  he was the father! We now have a relationship with all of his father’s side of the family. Not only did he find his father, but he also gained 3 brothers and a sister! And weeks after we met everyone, we finally received the DNA ancestry report that showed a lot of the relatives we met!

My Advice For All Future GEDmatch Users 

I can’t believe that GEDmatch is free and not hundreds of dollars! There are so many different DNA companies with different programs that don’t link with each other, you can’t get all the information that is out there unless you use GEDmatch.com Just do it!

Stephanie – GEDmatch user

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