A Whole New Family – I Found My Biological Brothers And a Sister

I started using GEDmatch in 2018 because I was hoping to find relatives. I am adopted – so you can see how that would have been a little bit more of a complex task. GEDmatch’s very comprehensive database got my attention because it seemed like I would have a higher chance of finding relatives. 

A Niece Found me Through GEDmatch 

In 2018 a niece found me via GEDmatch search tools. Her father and I are half-brothers. He is a year older than me. About 3 months later we connected with two other half-brothers and a sister. Suddenly I had a whole new family.  Four siblings! We’ve had reunions every summer until Covid. Hopefully, we can have a reunion next summer. None of this would have been possible without DNA testing and websites like GEDmatch. I thank you. We thank you! I believed I was going to find some family through GEDmatch but wow – finding my brothers and sister exceeded my expectations!  

My Advice For All Future GEDmatch Users 

I have told many people about GEDmatch. I’ve encouraged them to upload their DNA tests and contribute their data to genetic genealogy – you have nothing to lose!

David – GEDmatch user 

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