I Cannot Begin to Express the Gratitude I Feel Because I Found My Birth Mother!

I started using GEDmatch in 2020 because I and my twin brother are adopted and we had little to no information to go on concerning my attempts to locate biological relatives, specifically (hopefully) our birth parents. The ability to basically “compare” with info on other DNA sites made GEDmatch a logical choice for us.

And the experience has been a whirlwind! After uploading our date, we successfully, and rather quickly might I add, located our birth mother! As well as a ton of other eager biological relatives.

The sheer amount of DNA matches that I have “out there” was incredible! GEDmatch helps  fill certain gaps one might have about their own origins. 

My Advice For All Future GEDmatch Users 

Just be sure to go into this as well as other sites with an open mind and understanding that your eagerness may not be mirrored by those you are wishing to seek out. And that is okay, just as well as your hopefulness of making connections is okay for you too. Keep your mind open and GO FOR IT!

Natalie –  GEDmatch user 

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