The Son I Didn’t Know I Had Found Me Thanks to GEDmatch

I started using GEDmatch in 2018 because I wanted to solve a few missing pieces of my family history. Things seemed to be very well documented but some parts just didn’t add up. I used other genealogy websites but GEDmatch was the one that allowed comparisons across providers so I thought I got nothing to lose, and I was right about that!

Because a bit later I got the best news I could have hoped for, my son was able to locate me!

My son was trying to locate me for decades. He chose a different DNA testing provider and we

missed connecting there. We both ended up on GEDmatch at the beginning of 2021. The way the site is administered allowed us to confirm the relationship with certainty and open lines of Communication.

The Tools You Provided Have Changed Our Lives Beyond Comprehension

The DNA information answered questions I didn’t even know existed. GEDmatch helped remove doubts about relationships and help solve health puzzles. And most of all, only thanks to GEDmatch I found my son! 

My Advice For All Future GEDmatch Users 

If you find a family member you want to contact, it’s such a thrilling feeling. You will probably want to contact them immediately. I suggest putting down your coffee before opening GEDmatch contact e-mails. Contemplate the experience from the view of the sender before your reply. We only get one chance to set the tone. Make it a positive experience for everyone! 

Thomas – GEDmatch user 

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